RPC is a high-end Beauty & Sales Agency, with a passion for brand hunting and the curating of natural beauty products. The selection offers personalized niche products and advice with a great deal of knowledge and experience of everything related to natural beauty with a holistic approach.


RPC pays attention to rituals involving lifestyle and internal health recommendations in addition to providing simple but regular beauty coaching routines. It’s all about investing in a good base which supports your daily lifestyle protocol and is created to your personal needs, in order to rejuvenate, heal, protect and nourish your skin, from the inside out.


We believe in a whole body approach, formulated with essential raw and organic materials. Taking time to detox is far more effective than covering your skin with layers of toxin filled beauty products. We believe in products that contribute to our health and well-being by using traditional knowledge in a modern way .

Raw Philosophy Cosmetics
focuses on:

  • Sales & distribution
  • Business strategies
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Brand management
  • Beauty and lifestyle consultancy

Brand Partners

We take care of leading international Organic Beauty and lifestyle brands, that want to expand into Europe. Some of our brand partners are: Mega NFC Nanoble Health, Vagheggy Phytocosmetics and House of Opulence.

In addition we work closely together with:

  • Direct consumers
  • Small retailers
  • Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Dermatologists
  • Cosmetics & orthomolecular doctors
  • Department and pop-up stores
  • Apothecaries
  • Oral health consultants
  • Personal trainers