Who is moon

Moon is the nickname of founder Monica Meye. Monica is very passionate about travel, art and authentic beauty and she has a unique eye for essential raw and organic materials. She grew up collecting, customizing and creating her mother’s jewelry, clothes and cosmetics. She was inspired by her mom to develop her own formulas such as rosewater with fresh herbs and precious oils. She also creates special handmade selections of blended plant oils upon request which she calls “Rose Moon” – a combination of her mother’s name and her name which is derived from the name used by the ancient Native American tribes who could see by the moon when it was time to harvest the ripe fruit and vegetables – they called it strawberry MOON or plant MOON. It symbolized the connection with nature and the power of a woman. It also affects the growth of our food and stands for new life.

Monica worked in marketing for several years, and then had a desire to develop her creativity so she studied The Art of MakeUp & Design at the International School of Mieke Petiet. Her broad experience as a consultant developing national and international beauty productions, creating editorials and makeup concepts for magazines, fashion designers’ photo shoots and more, was evident. Shortly after this change, she suffered from serious health issues and decided to visit the Amazon region (where she was born). There, surrounded by nature and its benefits, Monica worked on her healing process. She started to become interested in medicinal herbs, seeds, nuts, fruits and a wide variety of tropical medicinal plants and saw an opening to share her knowledge and enthusiasm by starting her own agency, Raw Philosophy Cosmetics. She has created a unique strategy “by approaching beauty through health” to make people aware that detoxifying our body from the inside out is an essential part of our lifestyle. Since that time the Amazon rainforests of Surinam have remained a crucial part of her identity and will be forever home.

Now she helps organic brands to achieve their objectives by designing their marketing plans, giving  advice about sales & distribution and creating  new business opportunities worldwide.